Our Lives Depend on Her

She could no longer see the ocean through the white haze of the horizon from the small window of the plane. With her eyes, she followed the dips and curves of the ground below. It reminded her of an old woman with the cracks and wrinkles of aged skin. She wondered how old the Earth would be in human years. 80? 200 or more? Even Mother Earth was not immune to the plight of disease as she got closer and closer to death. Meteors and volcanoes were like zits and pock marks on her delicate skin. Deforestation was like shaving off the hair from the body, leaving her bare and unprotected. Pollution from coal mines and cars like cigarette smoke filling her atmospheric lungs. Humans were like the cancer of the Earth, multiplying rapidly and contributing to her decline faster and faster than all her years before. Some of us were like the good bacteria and replanted trees, reduced, reused, and fought for her life against those who have chosen to ignore their own footprint and impact on the precarious balance of life. Too far we tipped, teasing gravity, and fell off the beam into eternal darkness. Looking at Mother Earth we faced our own mortality. What we did to her, we did to ourselves, like a virus killing its host. We ran instead of walked toward the eternity beyond the horizon.

Now, I know this seems like it is a “depressing” post rather than a happy one. However, it made me happy to write it and be able to share it with you! I was inspired to write this while on a plane due to the events of our administration ignoring the science behind climate change and those enabling these kind of actions. I’ve always been a big proponent of recycling and legit almost adopted an Orangutan after learning about the Palm Oil industry based on a Vice episode. I try my best to be kind to Mother Earth, but of course I live in modern times, so I can always do better. I give kudos to this girl who attempted to live in NYC without producing any trash, and she was able to get pretty creative. Anyways, I know this is not one of my typical posts, but I don’t know the last time I actually wrote something creative and shared it…college, maybe? SO since this my blog about “living happier” my way, I hope you don’t mind the switch up a bit!



*Featured image found here. 


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