A few weeks ago, I had applied for a 2 week travel writing mentorship to the Balkans through World Nomads Insurance and the winner was announced the other week. For some reason I just had this really good feeling that I was going to get the mentorship, despite the low odds (over 8,000 entries!). However, I did not win one of the coveted spots. I wasn’t even on the short list. Womp womp.

However, I’m not going to let that discourage me! I’m still interested in travel writing and will have to find a different avenue and do some more research. I found out this week that I have 3 days off for the July 4th week (hallelujah!), so I really want to go somewhere for a week. Honestly, I’ve been craving a real travel vacation since my honeymoon last year and have been so busy with work/life that I’ve just been stuck. In fact, my husband and I had planned on taking a 2 week trip somewhere to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, but my work schedule changed and we will have to put it on hold. Due to his work schedule, I’m not sure if he will be able to go with me in July, but fingers crossed!

I can’t decide if I want to go to the mountains, go to the beach, go somewhere new in the states, or go somewhere overseas. I keep changing my mind! SO my ask of my readers is to tell me your favorite places to go around the world that I could do in a week without a TON of travel time. For example, Asia and Australia are probably not going to ideal for this trip. I live in Atlanta, so I do have a lot of options with hopefully some affordability!

Also, I follow a lot of photographers and travel Instagrams, so if you like to travel as much as I do check out some of my favs: cabinlove, yournextbucketlist, stayandwander, fursty (Dylan Furst), welivetoexplore, iceland.wonder, and theoriginal10cent (Lori Andrews). There are of course a ton more that are amazing, so if you don’t already…check out the different Instagram pages and explore the far reaches of the world with just your fingertips! If interested, you can follow me at iveysm14 on Instagram.

Happy exploring, Readers!


*Please note, I do not get any endorsements or acknowledgements from the Instagrams I listed. I just like their pages!*


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