“Remember Love” Check In

Hello Readers! It’s almost the weekend and I absolutely can’t wait. Already a week into being 31! I’m going to blink and be 60 like my parents.

I wanted to check in and let you know how my “Remember Love” month is going. As a reminder, see the list of my goals this month:

  1. Quit Nagging
  2. Fight Right
  3. Remember The Vows and The Wedding Day
  4. Give More, Expect Less
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  6. Give Proofs of Love
  7. Listen More
  8. Be More Intimate

The first few days I tried really hard to not nag, give more, and listen more. IT WAS SO HARD! I can’t say that I’ve been perfect this month, nor has my relationship miraculously changed. However, it feels good to change my outlook on our relationship. If I expect less then I learn to not be annoyed when I have to cook and clean up the dishes. I just do them and eventually it evens out that he will do something else around the house that I don’t want to do. I will admit I did get very frustrated during some complaining on his part about folding and putting away his clothes, but instead of going off on him I just said, “I’m not going to fight about it,” and moved on from my annoyance after some silent stewing.

We haven’t had any big arguments that I can recall this month, so we are doing pretty well on fighting right, but I realize reading back through my list that I haven’t done any proofs of love. I will have to work on this one more going into this last week. I do try to use positive reinforcement and thank him more for the things he does, so he feels more appreciated. For example, tonight I thanked my husband for cooking dinner, taking care of the pup, and cleaning the dishes. I know just taking the time to recognize how much he does as a partner goes a long way.

Being more intimate is still a struggle, but I am slowly starting to get him to come around and start putting the dog on the floor in her crate instead of the bed.  It hasn’t happened yet, but working on it!

Here’s a pic of our little nugget passed out in bed this week:


I heard the real version of this song over the weekend and thought the parody is fitting for this post ;P.

Have a beautiful Thursday night, or Friday if you are on the other side of the world!


*Wedding Photo Courtesy of Once Like A Spark


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