Working With The Full Moon

Hi Readers! I know, I know you have been anxiously waiting for my next blog post :). Probably not, but I like to think you are! I apologize for being a little MIA these past couple of weeks. Work has picked back up again and usually the other areas of my life fall to the wayside when I get super-focused.

I’ve also picked up a little hobby of learning more about intuition and spirituality, as I’m going through my journey. I’ve always been interested in other worldly phenomena, but this past year I have started to dive more into it, as it just fascinating. I participated in a Women’s Full Moon gathering (don’t worry no one got naked!) to put positive energies out into the universe through meditation, and we created a vision board of desires I would like to see in the next 6 months. I had been wanting to do a vision board for a while now and truthfully did not necessarily believe in the power of it, but at this point I am open to whatever this journey may bring and trying out new things to obtain my personal happiness. Plus, what is the harm in just envisioning your goals onto a board or sending out positive vibes? I don’t see how it is much different than praying except believing who is in charge of receiving those requests. I definitely believe Karma is real and if you surround yourself with negative or dramatic people, then your life becomes a little more chaotic, so there’s something to it for sure in my opinion.

I’ve recently applied for a travel writing mentorship that would take me to the Balkans for 2 weeks. They only take 3 people and there were a lot of applicants, so wish me luck and send out some positive vibes or prayers my way!

As for an update on my month of fitness…well, I’m better than where I started. However, I’m not really seeing results. I’ve been able to stay away from fried foods, sweets, and cut down on cheese. However, exercise routine needs to be implemented as walking isn’t doing much. Though I have been keeping track of my walks and 10K steps, until my band broke for my Fitbit. Plus, putting my phone in the bathroom did not work for me. I would turn it off and go back to sleep and still working on that routine to get enough shut-eye.

Full transparency: I’m having trouble finding the motivation and just can’t get on track. This is where I need YOUR help! Please leave comments on what works for you to stay motivated, getting your butt in the gym, finding a long-term healthy lifestyle plan, or just any kind of tips/tricks!! 



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