Get Physical – Week 1 – How Did I do?

Y’all the weather has been AMAZING here in Atlanta. I am so lucky to live so close to the Beltline and in a walkable neighborhood in the city with funky characteristics to keep me entertained on my walks. Since starting March 2nd, I’ve walked 5 times for 30 min or more and have reached my 10K goal twice. There was one day that was a 10 minute walk and 2 days where I didn’t reach any of my metrics, oof!

I’ve been able to stay away from the sweets (desserts and candy) and fried food, but I can’t say I’ve lost any pounds really. I still am eating a lot of carbs of rice, bread, crackers and dairy, which for me does keep the weight on. Listen, I don’t know why cheese is so delicious and needs to be on everything, ok? It just does. If I want to see some changes though I’m going to need to take it a step further in diet and exercise.

I have an app called the 7 Minute Exercise that I downloaded months ago and has been sitting on my phone ever since, probably using my location constantly in the background. I’m going to commit to adding in 7 Minute Exercise at least 4 times a week on top of my walk, especially on those days that I’m not able to get in a full 30 minutes. I’m going to cut out the sugar in my drinks like coffee (I use like a quarter of a Splenda sometimes) and soda (rare as well but still), and try to keep alcoholic drinks to vodka/soda like my college days. I really love my wine and craft beer! Then lastly, cut down on the cheese. Seriously, Sheena, put it down. Even my dog loves it because she knows what’s up when it comes to what you need for basic food groups. Don’t worry animal activists I only give her small amounts as a treat and mostly when I need her to go in her crate. Goal is to limit myself  1 oz of cheese a day.

So this whole being a morning person is really hard. I still am unable to get to bed by 10:30pm, or wake up by 6:30am. Unless I have a very specific time to get up because I have a client meeting or something then even putting the phone in the bathroom isn’t doing it for me. I turn it off and immediately crawl back in bed with my adorable sleeping puppy and hubs. Get to work earlier or get all the cuddles that brighten my whole day?  I am getting a lot done at night, I am starting off my day with a smile on my face, and I am for the most part still getting some exercise in, so maybe waking up super early is just not in my nature. I am still going to work on this because I know there are benefits to getting the sleep you need and something about how all successful people are early risers, plus the fact of getting in healthy habits now is important. However, I’m just not going to freak out that this area just hasn’t been my strong point. Any tips appreciated though from people who are true night owls!

Actually, Gretchen Rubin had some items like this in her list (maintaining a collection of some sort) that she ended up not sticking throughout her month or year-long journey because at the end of the day it didn’t necessarily make her happier. It just became a chore. Side note:  I love to collect coffee mugs, especially owl ones. I have a coffee/tea bar in my home and I had my uncle make me a hanging mug holder out of grandmother’s old cabinets. The wood originally was from her farm, so at this point it is an heirloom piece in my eyes. My little coffee nook brings me a lot of joy!


What do you collect that makes you happy?



*Note: Dog in meme is not my dog.


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