March – Get Physical

Holy Moly! Is it really March already?!? I feel like we just got out of the Christmas fog and now we are preparing for St. Paddy’s day and Spring! It certainly has been Spring-like weather in Atlanta, which has put me in a way happier mood!

Well I’m a couple of days behind on this post, so I’m going to pretend it was a Leap Year and not beat myself up too much over it :). March is the first real month of my project! Woohoo! This month I will be shifting my focus to my physical health. Cue Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical”. (Dangit, now it’s on a loop in my head as I type.)


I’m almost 31, so this is an area where I really need to get it together. I honestly have the diet of a 16-year-old, or a 5-year-old. I did make mac and cheese with hot dogs in it the other day. Don’t judge! When I hit 30, my metabolism just really took a dip. Welcome to your 30’s where your hips get wide, your boobs head south, and wrinkles get deeper! I had lost about 10+ pounds to get to a comfortable enough weight last year for my wedding and I remember saying to myself how I never wanted to get back to my starting weight. Welp, thanks to 2 weeks of Thai food and 3 months of depriving myself of deliciousness, I just have not been able to get back into the healthy mindset and have gained my weight back and more. I’m even having dreams about donuts…all the time!

Unfortunately, I have never been able to get in that groove of a healthy lifestyle for more than 6 months. Like a lot of families, diabetes and heart problems runs in my family, so I really need to commit to a long-term solution. Luckily, the Lenten season has just started to help kick it off! I’ve decided to give up sweets and fried food this year. I know, I know people look down on giving up food for Lent, but I’ve done more admirable things other seasons. Plus, you really don’t understand my love affair with chicken fingers and french fries. If I could have a last meal, that would be it…with some mac and cheese and yeast rolls on the side! Carb me up!

While I was thinking about what I should do for this month I had tons of ideas, but I needed to narrow it down in order to make it realistic for me to follow them the full month.

  1. Shoot for 30, Settle for 10. 

I have a short attention span. Even 30 minutes of exercise is sometimes pushing it for me if high intensity or endurance training. Every day I will try to get 30 minutes of movement, but if I only get 10 then it’s better than nothing. Plus, they have those 7 min workout routines! I’ve had a slower week at work, so I’ve been going on lunch break walks with a coworker in the nice weather, which has been really great to just get recharged.

    2. Aim for 10,000 steps

This one is going to actually be difficult. I dusted off my Fitbit and am wearing it again. To be honest, it didn’t hold me accountable after a few months of wearing it, but I need to start allowing it to do its job. The walks will help in this area because otherwise I just sit at work, on the plane, or at home and getting no where close to 10,000!

3. Sleep Smarter

I’m the type of person that needs 8 hours of sleep to feel rested. I rarely get this much. I am naturally a night owl, so I go to bed late and hit snooze a thousand times in the morning. I have a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep because my anxiety will often take over on any little thing I am worried about or I often have work nightmares, which makes me feel completely drained for the next day. This one will be two-fold.

a) Place the phone away from the bed, so I have to get out of bed to turn it off – once.

I actually have an alarm called “Just Do It!” to help motivate me to wake up in the morning to work out, and I don’t think it worked once. Oops. Now it’s just a daily reminder of my failure to become a morning person.

b) Strict lights off at 10:30pm and up at 6:30am during the week.

Considering I am a night owl, this one will be difficult because I get a lot done during those late hours. Hopefully with an earlier morning I can get some of the time back!

4. Hands off The Bad Stuff

See above for my Lent promise.

What tips have worked for you to get back on the healthy track? 







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