My 12 Personal Commandments

In my 1st post I mentioned that I would share my 12 personal Commandments as I go through my year to happiness. These acts of mindfulness or principles/resolutions that I will try to adhere to while working on the different areas of my life. I kept some of the ones that Gretchen Rubin outlined in her book, but I tried to be specific to who I am and what I need to remember from day to day.

Sheena’s 12 Commandments:

  1.  Be Kind – I am not usually an unkind person, but when I am stressed, hungry, tired, annoyed….ok maybe I am more unkind than I realize :). The ones closest too me (i.e. my husband) suffer the most when I am agitated, so I will have to be mindful of my words and actions.
  2. Be Present – I really am the worst when being present. I am constantly peering into the past or into the future and feel very unsettled in the present. I don’t know how to stop and enjoy the moment.
  3. Be Grateful – As I said, I am a half glass empty kind of person, so I have to be sure to realize that my life is amazing. I have a roof over my head, a loving husband, great family/friends support system, etc. I am so blessed! I just need to acknowledge it and often.
  4. Feed Your Soul (Be Sheena) – I liked this one from Rubin because she acknowledges that she wishes she had other interests rather than reading and writing. She had to let go of outside expectations and realize what made her happy. I wish I was athletic, but I too rather be outside reading instead of playing tennis.
  5. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone – This one speaks for itself. I like to be adventurous and will often try new things, but I’m still somewhat of a risk averse person. “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill
  6. Relax without Guilt – I am always go, go, go and feel guilty when I take the time to relax instead of addressing all the pressing responsibilities. If I don’t get all the things checked off my To Do list on the weekend, then I feel like the whole time was unproductive. I actually did practice this today! I refused to feel bad about spending time with my pup and reading a book in the nice FEBRUARY weather, despite the long list of To Dos I had scheduled. Gotta love Georgia :).
  7. Just Do It! – I actually named an alarm this once to convince me to wake up and work out, buttttt I am NOT a morning person. Oops. I still need to self-motivate though and will need to find something that is going to work. Any ideas???
  8. Think Positively – This coincides with the “Be Grateful” step and is a reminder to push away the negative self-talk and cut down on all the complaining!
  9. Minimize Clutter – I want to declutter my physical space and my mental space. A bunch of stuff requires maintenance and can be overwhelming, so I crave a simpler existence instead of wanting more.
  10. Listen and Pay Attention – Raise your hand if you are always interjecting or start to zone out during someone’s story. Y’all, I am so bad about this! It’s not that I mean to interrupt or that I am uninterested. I’m either really excited about what you’re talking about and I want to share my story too, or I have so much going on in my own head that I cannot focus. Either way, perception is everything so it is definitely something I need to improve!
  11. Learn to Say “No” – I have a serious case of FOMO. If I am invited to 3 different events on the same day, then I will try to go to every single one out of sense of duty or fear of missing out on the experience. This usually leaves me exhausted, especially as a people pleaser. Instead of a “Yes” year, I will need to say “No” so I can focus on the things that are important.
  12. Let It Go! – When something bad happens or an embarrassing moment occurs, I do not know how to just let it go. It will always stay with me and pop up over and over. Superficially, yes I move on and come out stronger for it, but I don’t know how to really let something roll of my back. I have to stop worrying about what people think of me or what the future holds.

I appreciate any tips or tricks you may have that works for you!



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