The Missing Puzzle Piece

In my last post I wrote about how Gretchen Rubin continues on her happiness path and documents it through her podcast, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”. In Episode 102, she discusses finding your missing puzzle piece. The missing puzzle piece concept is to find that one thing that would alter your life for the good. I know what you are thinking…”well there are a lot of things I need in my life that could be life-altering”. It doesn’t have to be a million dollars or to be able to travel the world; it could be as simple and un-sexy as a paper shredder or a lamp in a dark corner.

On the other hand, this does not need to be an item either. Maybe you want to read more or try that new aerial class in your neighborhood. It just needs to be a simple item or goal.

I know for me at this moment, what would be life changing is settling on a new dresser for the bedroom. Our current one has fallen to pieces, and my husband is living out of a drawer that is sitting off to the side of the bed. We tackled one of my missing puzzle pieces of FINALLY getting night stands after living in our home for over a year! Yikes. Getting a new dresser will be just as rewarding.

I’m interested in learning what you think your missing puzzle piece is! For me, it’s time to do some online shopping!




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  1. anonymousdogooder says:

    Great post!

    My one thing, at the moment, is finding fun ways to connect with new people. I signed up for an event with a Geek Girls Meetup group & it’s on my list to connect with a volunteer group.

    Good luck with that dresser!!

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    1. iveysm14 says:

      That’s great! I used to do Meetups when I lived in Denver since I didn’t know anyone. Good job on breaking out of your comfort zone!


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