The Happy Life Pie

To bring some structure to my project, I felt it would be easier to break down by month the areas of my life that needed some fine tuning (i.e. marriage) or major overhaul (overcoming my phone addiction – especially with this political climate!). While writing down the different areas, I realized that there wasn’t an area that was more important than the other. They all needed some kind of immediate attention for me to unlock the secret towards happiness. However, I easily get overwhelmed when I am pulled in too many competing directions and end up procrastinating big time instead. I would sort of still be productive, such as cleaning my room instead of packing for my work trip, or running errands instead of doing my taxes. However, if I dreaded doing a task, I would put it off as long as possible. I decided to label these areas as my “pieces of pie” and when combined becomes the Happy Life Pie. I feel like I should create a real yummy version 🙂 ! What yummy ingredients would be in your Happy Life Pie?

My Pieces of Pie by Month:

  1. March – Physical Health
  2. April – Marital Bliss
  3. May – Physical Space
  4. June – Mental Clarity/Sanity
  5. July – Financial Health
  6. August – Positive Thinking
  7. September – Feed Your Soul
  8. October -Friendship
  9. November – Family Focus
  10. December – Faith and Spirituality
  11. January – Creative Needs
  12. February – Intellectual Curiosity

Rubin broke hers up into some similar areas as well such as, “Remember Love” to focus on her marriage and some that are more whimsical concepts like “Be Serious About Play” to bring out her playful side. She published her book in 2009, but Rubin still maintains the areas of her life so she can continue to reach optimal good vibes. For the last couple of years she has been doing a podcast with her sister, Liz Craft, to focus on happiness. Check it out at

What areas in your life needs some fine tuning? 


*Shout out to my sister-in-law, Allie Carlson, who makes amazing homemade pies and took this picture of one she made. Plus, it’s her birthday today (24)! Happy birthday to such a smart, beautiful girl!


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